2020 Munich Shanghai Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition perfect curtain call

2020-11-05      Hits:184

 Known as the wind vane of China's electronics industry, the 2020 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition has a perfect curtain call at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from July 3 to 5, 2020! This exhibition is the first offline exhibition after the epidemic, and it is very popular!

      The new infrastructure with 5G as the main body has driven my country's electronic processing industry, including SMT chip processing, PCB circuit board, PCBA and other fields to a more mature stage. Since its establishment, Jiadehe Technology has been committed to SMT overall equipment solutions. This exhibition showed the audience the YAMAHA brand SMT overall line program. The exhibited equipment included Yamaha YSM40R, YSM20R, YCP10, YSi-V, etc.

      YSM40R is an ultra-high-speed module placement machine. It adopts a 1-meter-length compact platform with 4 arms and 4 heads layout, and combines high-speed production with flexible and universal format. 4 rotating heads simultaneously absorb the rotating placement heads to achieve 4 heads at the same time Installation, the speed is up to 200,000 CPH per hour.

     The high-end high-efficiency module placement machine YSM20R and small high-speed module placement machine YSM10 well reflect the development trend of placement machines to high speed, high precision, multi-function and intelligence.

     In addition, the exhibition also displayed the high-performance small printing machine YCP10, which uses Yamaha's unique 3S scraper head to inherit the functions of high-end machines to achieve high-precision and high-quality printing. The high-end hybrid optical appearance inspection device YSi-V, one device can be equipped with 2D inspection, 3D inspection, and 4 direction tilt image inspection functions at the same time.

     The epidemic has opened the distance between people, but it cannot open the sincerity of exploring the electronics industry one by one. This is also the most distinctive exhibition. Exhibitors and visitors wear masks to communicate and cooperate. If you also "admired" your name, you will definitely live up to expectations!

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